Thursday, March 26, 2020-This was the day SBC closed its doors because of COV-19. Fear has never been a downfall of mine so to me, that day was more like an extended vacation. My days at home were filled with projects (landscape artists and construction workers will never get paid enough!).  There was also cleaning, Organizing, Netflix binging and of course creating and cooking in the kitchen! I found myself going to the bakery 1 to 2 times a week. I’m drawn to that little house. I was cooking, cleaning, praying, singing. I was in my element! But my joy wasn’t complete-I was craving those daily interactions with my staff and the customers. So you can imagine my excitement on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 when we reopened to an all “new” Sweet Biscuit Co.

I use the word “new” Sweet Biscuit instead of “different“. The word “different“ can have a tendency to carry with it a negative emotion. It can imply uncertain or unsure like abilities. I’ve never experienced Sweet Biscuit in this way and I’ve certainly never wanted anyone, staff or customer, to experience Sweet Biscuit this way. So I’ve settled on the word “new“. 

Our schedule is new (open Wednesday-Saturday 7am-2pm)
Some of our staff is new (Hello, Kaylee!!)
We are constantly meeting new customers (How did you hear about Sweet Biscuit?!)
The rhythm is new. I think you guys missed us so much that we’ve been swamped since we reopened!
And my heart is new. It is fuller than it’s been in a long time. Sweet Biscuit turned four years old in July and every year my heart is becoming new as I grow, learn, relearn, laugh, listen and create. This virus may still be here but so are we by the grace of God! And I plan on continuing all of this new “new“ Sweet Biscuit as long as there’s a staff to lead and a customer to love.

Bake on!!!