I didn’t sleep well last night. Going into the bakery this morning felt more like a chore than a blessing. And to be brutally honest, I just didn’t feel like ‘adulting’ today. But, I did.

We are stronger than we realize. Before you click off the post or start rolling your eyes, let me explain. Two weeks ago, October 12th to be exact, I drove into Nashville and went to a concert at the Symphony. I had bought two tickets so I took my seventeen-year-old son, Evan. He was thrilled to be doing something extra special on a school night. We had dinner at the River House (I highly recommend!!) then walked across the street to the Symphony.

Now, when you hear the word Symphony, you’re thinking the whole orchestra, instrumental music, opera……whatever. But if you’re 40+ years old reading this, let me blow your 12 year-old mind for just a second. I went to a Billy Ocean concert!!!

What immediately popped into your mind? “Caribbean Queen”? “As Soon As Your Ready”? “Get Outta My Dreams”? Those are all classics…..at least to me they are. I grew up playing his CDs the way David Beckham plays soccer, dedicated and passionately.

While every song that flowed from his highly gifted vocals excited and energized twelve-year-old Shannon, the song that resonated with forty-seven-year-old Shannon was “When The Going Gets Tough.” Can you finish it??

The tough get…….GOING.

As an adult, there will be days we are tired and feel stuck. But those are the days we DANCE. And rest. And give ourselves grace. I’m not just ‘preaching’ here, I’m actually sitting outside with my bare feet in the grass on this cool fall day typing this blog. I’m doing the very thing I know I need to do. Resting. Relaxing. And listening to Billy serenade me from the four-minute video I took that night at his concert.

And yes, he’s still as fabulous to forty-seven-year-old Shannon as he was captivating to twelve-year-old me.

Bake on!! Shannon