I watched the cutest movie this weekend on Netflix titled “Look Both Ways”. It followed a girl down 2 paths. One path led her to a pregnancy on graduation night and the other path led her to her “5-year plan”. At the end of the movie, both versions of herself went back to the sorority house bathroom where she had taken the pregnancy test several years before. Both versions looked at their reflection in the mirror and said, “You’re okay”. Both versions were happy with the outcome of their life’s path.

Which got my wheels to turning. How many decisions do we make in a 24-hour period? How many times do we contemplate the consequences of those decisions or think of others that it may involve or impact? How often do we place value on our decisions? Or let our emotions decide for us?

It can all be overwhelming if we don’t have a vision of what we’d like our life to reflect. A simple, intentional, deliberate decision I make every day is I choose joy. Webster’s defines joy as: The emotion evoked by well-being, success or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.

Now don’t start going down that path that means success equals reality TV or success means a private jet. I’m not coming against these things. I’d love to have a private jet named “The Flying Biscuit” but just because I don’t have it yet doesn’t mean my life is any less valuable. To be honest, there are times I struggle with patience as Sweet Biscuit grows and our little bakery gets wonderfully cramped with customers (hello, weekend people!!!) As I dream of a bigger location with more land, at times I can find myself feeling overwhelmed with questions of “When?” or “How much longer until?” But man oh man, when I surround myself with other people, when the noise and the energy in that little house goes up in volume and I’m making more biscuits, this brings me so much joy.

Joy is not based on external circumstances. Joy isn’t sitting in a hammock on the beach in Hawaii with a little umbrella drink, although that does sound really good in this summer heat! Joy is a choice of the heart. Joy is choosing to respond to life’s difficult situations with inner contentment and satisfaction. It’s choosing to believe that God is who He says He is and that He is as good as He says He is. Joy can be found on the island of Hawaii and it can also be found in a hospital room.

See, joy is always a choice. And choosing joy will always direct our hearts away from the darkness toward the light. It’s a choice that no person, force or situation can steal from your heart. And isn’t that more precious than anything a private jet could do for you??

Bake on!! Shannon