I’m going to let you in on a secret about me only those closest to me know….I’m terrible at relaxing!! I’m a “list creator”, a “to-do list doer”, a “make it happen now” kind of person.  The only time I give myself permission to relax, fully relax, like lazy relax, is on vacation, getting ready for bedtime, and going to the movies. Yep!! Pretty pathetic, right?? Summer break is always so anticipated by the time May rolls around but 2 weeks into it, I’m ready for it to start back.  The rhythm of summer takes me a while to adjust to and just as we are nearing the end of the summer break, I’m just now succumbing to its glorious rhythm.  The rhythm of sitting in the rocking chairs at dusk and watching the fireflies come out. The rhythm of dinner being prepared outside, on a grill, sipping sweet tea. The rhythm of a boat ride in the heat of the day listening to kids scream with joy on an innertube. The glorious rhythm of slowing down takes me a few weeks to adjust to but it’s not because I don’t like summer.  It’s simply because I’m wired to create and accomplish. I’ve cooked all summer long and loved every minute of it. I’ve organized closets and drawers, decluttered offices and playrooms. My rhythm of summer break may not have really looked like a break at all, but in my own way, I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve looked at the clock less. I’ve slept in on my days off. I’ve been to the movies and on vacation!! Our rhythms, our lives are ours. How we spend our time isn’t measured by the items checked off a “to do list” but rather how many times we laughed in a day, or danced in the kitchen, or hugged those we live with.  Another secret about me is that I did relax more (after dinner was made) and I did go out in the boat when my boys asked me to ride along. So, in my own way, I did balance out the crazy rhythm of summer break and made some sweet memories along the way. May your rhythm of life drip with laughter, tight hugs, sunset watches and deep breaths of appreciation.  Bake on, Shannon