Boredom is part of our fallen nature. Just watch kids playing or see how long it takes them to ask in the car, “ are we there yet?”

To me, discontentment is an adult form of boredom. Let me explain.

When we moved into our 1200 square-foot bakery back in July 2016, it was simply perfect! Everything about it was adorable-The original hardwood floors, the incredibly solid banister that lines the staircase, the tiny closets and the old fashion door with its antique lock and key. As time went on and business grew, my desire and vision for a bigger, newer, fancier place emerged. I began a “biscuit Bible”, A journal I kept, and still do, in my purse to document new flavors as they come to mind and new ideas for the newer, fancier, “better” building. In that journal, I documented a layout. I kept clippings of commercial kitchens from magazines that were “better” than what I was operating in. I began designing a terrace top with a breathtaking garden and incredible lighting for late night gatherings.

My desire. My vision. My enthusiasm started out so innocently. Just as a desire for something “better”.  But what I discovered, wasn’t an error in the desire or the vision or the enthusiasm, somehow a tiny seed of discontentment had been planted. And somewhere along the way I begin to resent the size of the kitchen. I begin to believe that the customers weren’t happy with only five tables inside the entire restaurant. I stopped being grateful for the little because I believed I had “earned” the bigger vision.

However, if I hadn’t been little, I would have missed laughing with Rachel and Bob during their lunch visits. If I hadn’t been little, I wouldn’t have known my longest employee, Ronda, well enough to invite her and her husband out on the boat in the summer. If I hadn’t been little, I wouldn’t have had the time or The attention to pray with the countless customers who have walked through the doors of Sweet Biscuit. I am not saying that Sweet Biscuit will never have that next vision, that next growth level. I hope to see Sweet Biscuit in that new building someday. But I am so fortunate to have the “little” that I have now. I am so grateful that truth emerged above the seed of discontentment.

By replacing the resentment and the wrong believing with the truth-The truth being, that Sweet Biscuit is a blessing to the community and the community is a blessing to Sweet Biscuit- it uprooted that nasty “boredom “ and rebirthed a joy and a thankfulness that I had when we started. I want to challenge you during this holiday season to say “thank you” for the little. As you continue being grateful for your “now” portion, May your eyes be open to how truly blessed you are. May your heart be enlightened to the secret of having it all is knowing you already do.

Bake on!!!!