I read a quote on Instagram the other day that said “ Don’t be afraid to be alone and don’t be afraid if you like it“

As a wife, mom and business owner, being alone is not a luxury I get very often. With the family and pets, there is always something to do or someone to feed! So when I took a stroll the other day on one of my favorite paths on the property and I turned back to call to my followers, I was surprisingly uncomfortable.

There was no one! No person, no animal, just me. For a second, I wondered if everyone else was OK and in that same second, I recognized the gift of being alone. Since moments like this are so rare, I continued on my path. Not humming, not talking, not making a sound really, except that of crushing leaves underfoot, birds flirting in the treetops and distant traffic buzzing along.

In that moment on my favorite path, I gave thanks for the solitude. Being a wife, a mom and a business owner are things I thoroughly enjoy and it shows in my interactions with others. But just as much as I adore my life, it can also have its moments that overwhelm me and fill my mind with the doubt and discouragements. When no one followed me that day, there was no one else’s needs placed before me except my own. It wasn’t anything complicated about that path, that stroll. In fact, the simplicity of breathing, listening, looking, it filled me with peace. See, the birds still continued singing, traffic still continued buzzing by in the distance, neighbor dogs still barked at each other through closed fences. Life was still happening regardless. That realization filled me with so much comfort. The blessing of life can be masked by negative emotions but I found a new perspective that day. I spent time alone. And I liked it! The next time you get a moment of solitude, may you relish in the rejuvenating quietness!

Bake on!!