What if I were to tell you that Sweet Biscuit isn’t a real bakery? Would your first inclination be confusion or disagreement? In 2016, when the vision of Sweet Biscuit was birthed in me, I saw lots and lots of biscuits! And lots and lots of people eating those biscuits! I envisioned a line out the door, families of all sizes, and biscuits everywhere! However small Sweet Biscuit may appear to be in the natural, I can most assuredly say it is not small by any means measurable. To the wife who needed a tearful prayer for her husband, Sweet Biscuit was more than a bakery that day. To the mother, who was about to be transferred with her job, far away from her family, Sweet Biscuit was more than a bakery that day. To the regular customer who confessed her stage 4 diagnosis with ovarian cancer, Sweet Biscuit was more than a bakery that day. To the naked eye, Sweet Biscuit has the appearance of a bakery. A small house with the smell of fresh baked buttermilk biscuits, bacon cooking in the oven, garlic buttered croutons resting on the rack to cool—all give tangible signs that Sweet Biscuit is a bakery. But when you pause long enough to see Sweet Biscuit with your heart, you’ll see the true identity. The loving, safe haven of a gathering place. A place where brokenness is met with a smile and a prayer. A place where deep belly laughs are welcomed. A place where kindness is common. A place where burdens are shared and joy is contagious. The gathering place of Sweet Biscuit is simply disguised as a bakery. So, come on buy and enjoy the smells and tastes at the gathering place of Sweet Biscuit. You are always welcome here!!

Bake on!!