My husband, Mike, surprised me a few weeks ago when I got home from work. In our barn, tucked in a giant Rubbermaid tub were 7 new responsibilities—5 baby chicks and 2 ducks. They were adorable!!!! And they still are, so yes, they are all still alive!!

The initial surprise quickly turned to a realization that these new babies would be another responsibility for me and my family. I could have responded with grumbling, complaining, nagging, but I knew my response with set the tone for those around me. Our response to life and the surprises that it brings, can usher in joy or conflict, pain or healing, encouragement or shame. Do you want to know how I responded and how I still find myself responding?

I grabbed a worn out, folded lawn chair, popped that tattered thing open and sat down to admire the cuteness and playfulness of those new “response” abilities. Even after work, on days that have seemingly drained my energy, I grab the one arm wonder, plop it open and delight in observing the newness of life.

In my stillness, in the joy that can only be found in creation, I give thanks for all my “response” abilities, and I discover that in that stillness I am actually being re-energized and recharged to respond lovingly. May you find that stillness today and may it equip you abundantly for life‘s surprises.

Bake on!!