I have a confession. I’m not always a positive thinker. Sometimes I allow my mind to bully me and my thoughts to call me names that would shock and anger the most tender heart. Sugar addict, lazy, limited, ugly are just a few of the names my thoughts try to label me as. While there may be moments in my life that my behavior reflects these descriptions, these descriptions do not get to define the reality of who I AM. See, our reality flows from our perspective. We never end of being what we want. We always end of being what we believe. What we believe shapes our perspective and brings forth our reality. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown in wisdom to recognize the thoughts that bully me and I chose to surround myself with positive, encouraging people. I always work to create a solution when a problem (or opportunity) presents itself, instead of complaining, arguing or gossiping. This simple act of possessing my thoughts, grounding myself in who I truly AM—-loved by my family, a blessing to my community, a funny friend, a good listener, redeemed, restored and cherished—–it draws others in to the light. I have discovered that most people want to be around joyful and hopeful people. And the best news, it’s available to everyone!! I challenge you today, for the next 7 days, do not let 1 complaint come out of your mouth. Not 1 negative word or statement. When the thought comes, and it will, replace it with a statement you want to see. Speak words that will create the reality you desire to live in. It might not manifest in 7 days but at the end of the week, please leave a comment and let me know how your thoughts changed once you stood up to the bully against the mind.

Bake on!! Shannon