And just like that, 2020 is behind us. For some of us, there is relief and excitement for what lies ahead. For others, the grief and experiences of 2020 are being carried over into this new year as they run deep in our hearts and are still so fresh in our minds. Life, regardless of what year it is, will always be filled with experiences—-gains and losses, healings and hurts, love and pain. And it’s ok to experience it all—-the good, the bad and the dreaded ugly. Time can be ruthless for those who are suffering. It slows down for no man and has no respect for a person’s pain. On the other hand, time can be a healer. Its distance can magnify our good memories while also eliminating some of the bad ones. This is life. In this new year, there will be no one exempt from the experiences of it. Regardless of what this year holds, there is always new hope that is available. Even as ugly as life can get, there is still beauty in it. That’s why it’s called life. It’s not only a physical experience, but it’s also an emotional one as well. We are designed to hug, to laugh, to cry, to yell, and we will always thrive when we use our life to love others, to be those arms for a hug, to be that smile that starts a laugh, to be that shoulder where the tears fall, to be that ear that simply listens. May I challenge you for 2021 to create a new perspective? A perspective filled with thoughts of others. A new year filled with new hope that takes life day by day, sometimes minute by minute. Enjoying those around us and still embracing those we love and miss terribly. May your 2021 be filled with a rich life of hope, deep belly laughs, new relationships, and words of encouragement to build others up, including yourself. May 2021 be a celebration—-of what’s behind and what lies ahead!! Bake On!!! Shannon